tips stay safe ha giang loop

8 Tips To Stay Safe In The Ha Giang Loop

The Ha Giang loop can be an incredible, once in a lifetime experience. However, as any experience that includes a motorbike, it also implies some risks. That is why we’re listing these 8 tips to stay safe in the Ha Giang loop! By spending a few days in Ha Giang, you’ll probably hear about a … Read more

what to do ha giang middle of the night

What Can I Do If I Arrive To Ha Giang In The Middle Of The Night?

Most travelers arrive to Ha Giang with one of the many night buses from Hanoi. And they arrive in the middle of the night. Now, questions like where will it stop?, what can I do if I arrive to Ha Giang in the middle of the night?, where will I get a good night’s rest?, … Read more

what to eat along the ha giang loop

Where And What To Eat Along The Ha Giang Loop (a foodie’s guide)

If you’re doing the Ha Giang loop, chances are you want to taste the local food and specialties of this culinary diverse area in North Vietnam. If you’re adventurous and ready to immerse yourself, this is the post for you. My boyfriend Alex and I are foodies ourselves. Therefore, we have taken the time to … Read more

7 Reasons NOT To Do The Ha Giang Loop

There are many great reasons to do the Ha Giang Loop. It can definitely be an amazing experience, one you’ll not forget. However, it’s not for everyone. If you’re feeling hesitant, unsure or on the fence, you might want to consider these 7 reasons NOT to go on the Ha Giang loop. 1. You need … Read more

guide tam son vietnam

Short Guide To Tam Sơn, Vietnam

Whether you’re taking 3-4 or more days on the Ha Giang loop, Tam Sơn’s certainly worth considering to include in your travel plans. The stunning surrounding area is part of the attraction too. Especially beautiful is the already popular heaven’s gate, which overlooks Tam Sơn. What to do in and around Tam Sơn, Vietnam Stop … Read more

qt responsible tourism ha giang

How Does QT Support Responsible Tourism?

Ha Giang province is arguably one of the most beautiful and accessible locations for motorbike tours in Vietnam. Some people say maybe even in the world! Ha Giang features ravishing diverse landscape, tall green mountains, jungles, forests and blue rivers running in the low alleys. Therefore, it’s no surprise it’s becoming a more and more … Read more

How To Be a Responsible Tourist in Ha Giang

How To Be A Responsible Tourist In Ha Giang

In the past few years, Ha Giang and the surrounding area has become an increasingly popular destination for adventurous tourists. With its stunning scenery, mountains, rivers and rice terraces, it is sometimes referred to as the ‘Sa Pa of a decade ago’. Sa Pa has been subject to mass interest in the last years. An … Read more

guide vegetarians ha giang pho chay

A Guide For Vegetarians In The Ha Giang Loop

Did you read a lot about the amazing food Vietnam offers, but after you come here you see a lot of meat everywhere? Do you wonder whether it’s heaven only for non-vegetarians? Well, part of it is true, but not completely. You can find any kind of meat in Vietnam. But Vietnam also offers a … Read more

reasons to do the ha giang loop

6 Reasons To Do The Ha Giang Loop

In this article, I want to share with you my 6 reasons to do the Ha Giang loop. Because, SPOILER ALERT it’s essential that you make time to do it if you come to Vietnam. Very especially if you already plan to be anywhere north of Hoi-An. The Ha Giang loop is easily one of … Read more

3 day ha giang loop

Is The 3 Day Ha Giang Loop Tour Long Enough?

The Ha Giang loop is one of those experiences that you need to do at least once in your life. Its landscapes, towns, food, costumes and lovely people come together in an experience that is likely to leave you speechless at more than one point in your loop. But is the typical 3 day Ha … Read more

du gia vietnam

Short Guide To Du Già, Vietnam

Du Già is a small village located in a valley in North Vietnam. It lays next to a river and it’s surrounded by beautiful, green hills. Du Già is one of the most common stops if you’re riding the Ha Giang loop. What to do in and around Du Già, Vietnam Visit the Du Gia … Read more

tea in vietnam

Tea In Vietnam: The “Green Gold” Of The North

As an English tea lover, I was very interested in learning about tea in Vietnam during my time in the country. And in this post, I want to share with you what I’ve learnt about it, specially what concerns tea in North Vietnam. But first things first. Some facts about tea It’s no secret that … Read more