Short Guide To Du Già, Vietnam

Natalia Boquet

Du Già is a small village located in a valley in North Vietnam. It lays next to a river and it’s surrounded by beautiful, green hills. Du Già is one of the most common stops if you’re riding the Ha Giang loop.

du gia, vietnam
We highly recommend you to take it slow and give yourself some time to explore this beautiful village.

What to do in and around Du Già, Vietnam

  • Visit the Du Gia Waterfall: 5 kilometres from town there’s a small waterfall with nice pools to swim. The road is dirty but worth it: the scenery along the short walk to the pools is stunning.
  • Check the local football court: Just some meters outside town you’ll find a football court. The views are beautiful. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a lot of locals playing. So if you do like playing football, don’t be shy and join them!
  • Explore around: There are beautiful plateaus around. In direction to the waterfalls, if you keep straight instead of taking the small road on the left, you’ll pass through old, traditional houses surrounded by rice fields and magnificent hills. I especially recommend you to wake up early and explore these small roads after the sunrise: you’ll come across villagers of all ages walking to the fields they work in.
du gia vietnam
Beautiful, traditional houses and rice fields around Du Già

Where to eat in Du Già, Vietnam

  • QT Du Già Guest House: Awesome, abundant, shared dinners, including tofu with tomato, spring rolls, french fries, seasonal vegetables, omelette, fried chicken, fried pork and plain rice. Amazing! Don’t miss it if you’re staying there. Seriously.

Where to stay in Du Già, Vietnam

  • QT Du Già Homestay: Traditional pillar house offering a dorm upstairs. Everything is very clean, and mattresses are huge and very comfortable. There are curtains between beds, so you do have some privacy. All mattresses have mosquito nets. Hosts are very welcoming and the food is abundant and great. Delicious vegetarian options available.
QT du gia guest house
Cozy Guest house in Du Già. Don’t miss dinner here!
  • Du Gia Homestay: Try this one if QT’s is full. It’s next door.

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