“Best motorbike rental experience I had in Vietnam”, “Fantastic service, friendly and knowledgeable staff” – with more than 1,000 five-star reviews on Google and TripAdvisor we at QT believe that there is something we do right.

Hi, my name is Quang Tan, today simply known as QT. I grew up in Hoa Binh province south-east of Hanoi in extreme poverty. I had to drop out of school to do manual labour to support my single-mother, became a motorcycle taxi-driver, learnt English, got a job as a motorcycle guide, came up with an idea to start my own business, invested all I had and that is so far the story of my life. There is of course also my lovely wife and my equally lovely two boys.

When opening business on October 24, 2016, I could not have dreamt of what this business would look like today. 270+ motorcycles available through outlets in Ha Giang and Cao Bang, Guest House in Ha Giang City, homestay in Du Gia village and in partnership with Green Karst, a Hostel in Dong Van. However, QT is no longer just me. It is the team that is built around me and we are all QT. A big extended QT Family.

At Qt we pride ourselves to ensure your trip or tour to be as effortless as possible but filled with as much experience imaginable. QT specialize in motorcycle rentals and tours, but we can do all-inclusive car tours. On guided tours we can offer half- or full-day of lighter trekking if you have given yourselves enough days for discovering this area.

Different from many other agencies north of Hanoi, we are happy to reveal that our dedicated staff are offered full-time employment ensuring motivation and personal development. Us knowingly, QT is the only agency that has a five manned mechanical team that ensures our 270+ motorcycles are receiving the upkeep and service that makes your trip as trouble- free as one can promise on these challenging roads.

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Full-time staff


The English
speaking guides

Due to demand a constantly growing group. They are mostly locally recruited young adults, many from the different ethnic minorities. They are a cheerful group who knows the roads better than anyone, understand their culture and ready and proud to show these lands and people of northern beauty. They are neither geologists nor academic historians – they are homegrown cultural experts to take you safely and joyfully through your lifetime adventure.

The Mechanics

What would we be without them? Stranded on the roads much more, I am afraid. Only at QT you find a full- time employed team to ensures that bikes are constantly checked, repaired and fully cared for. Nothing can be guaranteed for out on the roads, but it should give you more confidence than going out on motorcycles that do not have this much care. The mechanics often also join the guides when an extra driver is needed on a tour.

The Guest House staff

Cooking, cleaning, checking in and checking out. Welcome to the QT Guest Houses and the staff that makes them welcoming and full of warmth.

The volunteers

From all over the world the QT Team has been fortunate to receive many volunteers that bring fresh eyes on what we do and skills and assistance that we otherwise might not have been able to find.
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