How to Tip in Vietnam

WHY MONEY MATTERS – VOL. 1 – To tip or not to tip in Vietnam, that is the question. For many travelers, a recurrent cause of anxiety is when to give gratitude for services through tips, and how much is enough. This may differ from country to country and even within the country, depending on … Read more

activities ha giang loop

8 Activities To Do Along The Ha Giang Loop

My name is Quyet. I am one of the English-speaking guides in the QT Team. Below I’ll list my Top 8 Activities To Do Along The Ha Giang Loop, as part of my personal tips to discover Ha Giang. A lot of times, travelers rush in the loop to make sure they tick off every … Read more

10 Common Planning Mistakes for the Ha Giang Loop

Are you an over-planner of every detail of your travel? Or are you maybe a carefree I-take-it-as-it-comes traveler? No matter which, this blog will try to take out 10 common planning mistakes for the Ha Giang Loop. I hope it helps you to take ready and make your experience in Ha Giang more rewarding. 1. … Read more

5 Ways to Explore Ha Giang

This article will go through pros and cons of 5 ways to explore Ha Giang. My name is Quyet. I am one of the English-speaking guides in the QT Team, and I’d like to give you a local insight about this matter! Doing the Ha Giang Loop by motorbike is said to be the best … Read more

hoang su phi rice fields

Hoang Su Phi: A Rice-Terraced District To Marvel

Just south-west of Ha Giang city, Hoang Su Phi features terraced rice fields that perfectly match the preconceived idea of what a traveler will see in Vietnam. At the same time, it’s a hidden gem with few visitors, which makes it an ideal destination for adventurous travelers. Hoang Su Phi: The Hidden Gem of the … Read more

ha giang loop in 4 days

Riding the Ha Giang Loop in 4 Days

There are countless ways to ride the Ha Giang Loop, from where to go, what motorbike to ride, and how many days to spend riding. In order to refer to this last subject, I’ll describe in this article my experience riding the Ha Giang Loop in 4 days. The common dilemma is between doing the … Read more

blossoming in northern vietnam

50 shades of green: blossoming in northern Vietnam

If you can enjoy some blossoming in northern Vietnam, no doubt it’ll make your landscapes more precious. Because besides stunning mountains, dwindling roads and friendly people with hospitality in their spines, it’s the greenness that will daze you when visiting this region. The forested limestone and granite mountains of Ha Giang and Cao Bang will … Read more

6 Reasons To Go Slowly When Discovering Ha Giang & Cao Bang

Are you planning your trip to North Vietnam, and there’s just too much to do? You might be tempted to hurry and tick off everything as fast as you can. But before you do, let me share with you my 6 reasons to go slowly when discovering Ha Giang & Cao Bang. Classic travelers’ mistake? … Read more

can i do the ha giang loop with an automatic bike

Can I Do The Ha Giang Loop With An Automatic Bike?

If you’re not an experienced biker, the idea of doing the Ha Giang Loop with an automatic bike might be tempting. It’s true: an automatic bike is easier to ride, but is it a proper option for the Ha Giang loop? Let’s find out! So you’ve come all the way to beautiful Ha Giang, Vietnam. … Read more

tips stay safe ha giang loop

8 Tips To Stay Safe In The Ha Giang Loop

The Ha Giang loop can be an incredible, once in a lifetime experience. However, as any experience that includes a motorbike, it also implies some risks. That is why we’re listing these 8 tips to stay safe in the Ha Giang loop! By spending a few days in Ha Giang, you’ll probably hear about a … Read more

what to do ha giang middle of the night

What Can I Do If I Arrive To Ha Giang In The Middle Of The Night?

Most travelers arrive to Ha Giang with one of the many night buses from Hanoi. And they arrive in the middle of the night. Now, questions like where will it stop?, what can I do if I arrive to Ha Giang in the middle of the night?, where will I get a good night’s rest?, … Read more

what to eat along the ha giang loop

Where And What To Eat Along The Ha Giang Loop (a foodie’s guide)

If you’re doing the Ha Giang loop, chances are you want to taste the local food and specialties of this culinary diverse area in North Vietnam. If you’re adventurous and ready to immerse yourself, this is the post for you. My boyfriend Alex and I are foodies ourselves. Therefore, we have taken the time to … Read more