What Can I Do If I Arrive To Ha Giang In The Middle Of The Night?

Beatrice Enström

Most travelers arrive to Ha Giang with one of the many night buses from Hanoi. And they arrive in the middle of the night. Now, questions like where will it stop?, what can I do if I arrive to Ha Giang in the middle of the night?, where will I get a good night’s rest?, or will I have to pay full price to sleep just a couple of hours? arise. We’ll try to give an answer to all of them in this article.

what to do ha giang middle of the night
Look for the big sign if you want to find QT Guest House in the middle of the night.

Arriving at night time can be uncomfortable and confusing. You don’t really know where to turn and your sense of location is off. But it can be hard to plan your trip so that you’ll arrive at every destination at a more comfortable hour. You’re on a journey, you’re excited to go to Ha Giang, and are already planning to rent a bike to do the Ha Giang loop. But to do so, you’ll need a good night’s rest first.

Most travelers arrive to Ha Giang with a night bus from Hanoi. The bus tend to arrive in the middle of the night, and it’ll leave you either at QT Guest House, another hostel or at the bus station. Any of these options are just a few hundred metres away form each other.

At QT Guest House you’re welcome any time of the day. They’ll receive you 24/7. So if you’re arriving in the middle of the night, you can come to QT. And if you’re renting a bike or doing a tour with them, they’ll provide you with a bed in a dorm free of charge.

what to do ha giang middle of the night
QT Guest House dorms are spacious and comfortable, and offer great views too!

Occasionally (most likely during April-May), there are times where all the dorm rooms are full. Therefore, you can call or write an e-mail to them before arrival, so they save your spot. But even if you came, no prior notice, and there wasn’t a place for you, there’s no need to worry. At the QT Guest House, they have spare mattresses, and even a couch will support your sleeping head if necessary.

When me and my boyfriend, Max, took the sleeping bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang, it dropped us 50 meters from the bus station, which lies 500 meters from QT. It was a long ride and the fact that we were hungry and tired didn’t help the confusion we felt. So we get the position you are in. We used Google Maps to find the QT Guest House. On top of the building there is a big, glowing and red QT sign that guided us as well.

If you choose to stay at QT Guest House, remember the breakfast service is from 6:30 to 9hs. But don’t hesitate in oversleep if you need to! Remember you’ll need energy for an amazing adventure the following days. Still, if you feel you haven’t slept enough, and/or you don’t want to rush, there’s no need to. Ha Giang city and its surroundings offer a series of attractions and activities you might be interested in enjoying.

If you want to know more about what to do in Ha Giang city, read our Short guide to Ha Giang city, Vietnam.

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