what to pack for the ha giang loop rain

What To Pack For A Ride Along The Ha Giang Loop?

Whether driving on your own, on a tour, or riding in the back of a local guide/driver, you might want to know What to pack for a ride along the Ha Giang Loop. First of all, you need to know that you’ll be riding for about 4-5 hours a day at an average speed of … Read more

What is the weather like in ha giang

What’s The Weather Like In Ha Giang?

I’d love to give you a straight and clear answer. Unfortunately, it’s impossible. And not only because climate prediction has always a margin of error. The thing is the weather in the more than 350 kilometers of the Ha Giang Loop is constantly changing. So in this post I’d love to share with you how … Read more

am I skilled enough to ride the ha giang loop

Am I Skilled Enough To Ride The Ha Giang Loop?

If you’re not an experienced rider, or you’re not a rider at all, probably the first question that comes up to your mind when you hear about the beauties of this area is Am I skilled enough to ride the Ha Giang loop? So I’ll try to answer this question using my own experience as … Read more

am i skilled enough to ride the ha giang loop

How Hard Is Riding The Ha Giang Loop?

If you’ve heard amazing things about Ha Giang and are interested in doing the Ha Giang loop, then the first thing that might have come to your mind is How hard is riding the Ha Giang loop. Of course, the answer depends on your riding skills. So first, the easy one: if you’re an experienced … Read more

ha giang pros renting motorbike hiring tour

The Ha Giang Loop: Renting A Motorbike Vs. Joining A Tour

I’ve already stated taking a tour is the way I choose for doing the Ha Giang loop. I actually posted my 7 reasons to do the Ha Giang loop with a local guide. But I’m aware that renting a bike can be a better option for other people. As everything in life, both options have … Read more

Ha giang with a local guide

7 Reasons To Do The Ha Giang Loop With A Local Guide

There are many ways to do the famous Ha Giang loop. You can go on an organized tour with a guide, ride your own bike, book a private van, take a local bus… In any of these ways, you can enjoy some of the most stunning views Vietnam has to offer. Moreover, the Ha Giang … Read more