The Ha Giang Loop: Renting A Motorbike Vs. Joining A Tour

Natalia Boquet

I’ve already stated taking a tour is the way I choose for doing the Ha Giang loop. I actually posted my 7 reasons to do the Ha Giang loop with a local guide. But I’m aware that renting a bike can be a better option for other people. As everything in life, both options have pros and cons. Here I list the pros of renting a motorbike vs. the pros of paying for a tour of the Ha Giang loop:

Pros of renting a motorbike for the Ha Giang loop:

  • Renting a bike is definitely cheaper than taking a tour. And of course, money is usually a key factor when traveling. So price difference to a motorcycle tour can be a determining factor. And that’s ok, unless safety is in question. Do not opt for renting a bike instead of taking a tour just to save some money if you’ve never ridden a motorbike and/or you’re scared of the road.
ha giang pros renting motorbike hiring tour
One of the many amazing views along the Ha Giang loop.
  • You’re 100% free. Tours are always customized to some degree. And although at QT Motorbikes & Tours they are very flexible and can let you modify the itinerary along the way, you’ll be more free by yourself. You stop as many times as you want, for as long as you need. You also decide what time you start riding. You can choose the accommodation options that best suit your needs… What is more, you can arrive to a town or village, fall in love with it and decide to spend one or two days there before hitting the road again.

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Pros of joining a tour for your Ha Giang loop:

  • The ride’s much easier, even if you do ride your own bike. Ha Giang roads are not easy. But if accompanied by an expert rider who knows those roads perfectly and has tools and mechanical skills, risks drop dramatically. If self-driving your own bike, your guide will lead the way, measuring your speed and opening the road for you. And that makes a huge difference!
  • You don’t have to think about anything but enjoying the ride. Updated maps, correct exits, schedule, petrol, places to eat…  Forget about all that! You’ll be able to focus on enjoying the ride and the views only.
  • You’ll access some hidden gems. Traveling with a local guide means accessing villages, shortcuts, alternative roads, trekking paths and local stalls or restaurants that you’d hardly find without their help.
ha giang pros renting motorbike hiring tour
Enjoying local snacks with our local guide in Dong Van Sunday market.
  • You’ll have more contact with local people and will learn about their culture. Although your local guide will probably not hold a university degree or a TELF certificate, he does live in the area. What is more, he was probably born in one of the small villages scattered in the mountains. That means he will be able to give you an insight about the cultures, traditions and livelihood of the many minorities that inhabit the Ha Giang region.
  • You’ll probably try more dishes, beverages and snacks along the way. Not only ordering in restaurants will be way easier. If you opt for hiring a tour for the Ha Giang loop at QT Motorbikes and Tours, you’ll visit special restaurants you’d never figure out if traveling without a local guide. And you’ll also stop in stalls, both on the road and in the market, where you’ll try snacks you probably wouldn’t dare if your guide didn’t promise there’s nothing too exotic in it…

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