7 Reasons NOT To Do The Ha Giang Loop

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There are many great reasons to do the Ha Giang Loop. It can definitely be an amazing experience, one you’ll not forget. However, it’s not for everyone. If you’re feeling hesitant, unsure or on the fence, you might want to consider these 7 reasons NOT to go on the Ha Giang loop.

1. You need salty walter

There are many waterfalls, lakes and rivers along the Ha Giang loop. But you won’t find many other water features on your adventures. The Ha Giang province is completely landlocked, surrounded by mountains and rolling hills. So yes, there is a lot of incredible beauty found on the loop. But if you are looking for the ocean, head down to Da Nang for a beachfront escape!

You’ll find plenty of small, beautiful waterfalls along the Ha Giang loop (photo by Gabriel Sobarzo)

2. You prefer big cities to stunning nature

If being surrounded by incredible staggering rice fields, lush forests, rocky cliff faces, rolling green hills and beautiful mountain valleys is not your definition of fun, maybe the loop is not for you. Being on the loop means you’ll connect to nature like no other for 3, 4, 5 days. The nature will leave you in awe with the diverse range of beauty.

But well, maybe you’re a city person, and you need bars, clubs, museums and neon lights. If you’re looking for more cityscape. then you better head to Ho Chi Minh City!

reasons not to do the ha giang loop
Stunning nature will leave you speechless time after time along the Ha Hiang loop (photo by Natalia Boquet)

3. You don’t enjoy adrenaline pumping adventure

Coming to Ha Giang is nothing like laying on the beach and doing nothing. It implies waking up early and riding a bike several hours a day. Of course, it has its prize: you won’t believe what you see on the loop. Riding the motorbike, or being on the back of one is incredibly fun and thrilling. Every twist and turn of the loop is a rush of adrenaline that will make your heart beat fast and your sense of amazement to heighten. It truly is an adventure.

So if you’re are looking for more of a chill or laid-back place to go, you better head to Hoi An!

4. You prefer hanging out with travelers than meeting locals

The Ha Giang loop is arguably the most genuine cultural immersion experience you can find in Vietnam. You get to experience local hill tribes, authentic foods and lovely homestays, where you can chat with the locals to find out more on their culture. This is oftentimes the best part of the trip and really gives you an in depth view of the local life.

If you do prefer meeting locals, you might want to check out this article: Info And Tips About Minority Groups In Ha Giang.

If you’d rather spend your days in Vietnam drinking beers on a fancy terrace with fellow travelers, check out the Old Quarter in Hanoi!

You’ll be able to meet locals both on the road and in little towns along the Ha Hiang loop (Photo by Kieran Peters)

5. You don’t want any kind of risks

Perhaps you’re a bit nervous to be on a motorbike. While this is a valid reason, there’s very little worry for this. If you’re not confident about riding your own bike, QT can put you in safe hands with their trusted and experienced team. Additionally, if you’re actually driving, they’ll be more than happy to give you some lessons and let you practice on the bikes as long as you need before you immerse on your journey. With some time and practice, and using the safety precautions and being alert on the road, you’ll surely have a safe and amazing journey on the loop. Plus, by going on the back of a bike you don’t have to do any of the physical work, just sit back and enjoy the view.

Still worried about the safety issue? Read How Hard is Riding The Ha Hiang Loop?

But of course: being on the road always implies risks. No doubts about it. So if you don’t want deal with any kind of adventure, you might prefer Da Lat.

6. You’d prefer to check out a more touristy destination.

While there are tons of people to meet on the loop from all of the world, the loop still has some sense of a very authentic and untouched manner to it. It doesn’t have the same touristy vibe of other popular destinations, such as Ha Long Bay or Sapa. While these destinations are still incredible and should definitely be visited on your trip, it’s amazing to witness a place that’s still being developed with tourism while holding a very traditional and authentic vibe to it. It may be very different in 5 years time, so it’d be amazing to visit it now while it holds so much beauty and untouched nature.

reasons not to do the ha giang loop
You can enjoy delicious local meals in the homestays you’ll find along the Ha Giang loop (photo by Kieran Peters)

Of course, this not-so-developed tourist industry implies not-such-fancy hotels. In some little towns, accommodation options will actually be pretty basic. What is more, there might not be many international food options along the loop, and local food in north Vietnam, although delicious, is more limited than in the south. So for more of a touristy and/or fancy experience, you might prefer to check out the boat rides in Ha Long Bay.

7. You don’t want to have the best experience ever!

There are so many wonderful reasons to choose to go on the Ha Giang loop. Unless you’re not keen for culture, adventure and absolutely incredible nature views, along with the most incredible experience of a life, you’ll seriously enjoy the loop experience.

If you’re still hesitant, consider reading these 6 reasons to do the Ha Giang loop!

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