On the roads of Ha Giang and/or Cao Bang you will be on roads and in scenery few places on earth can match. So, be tempted and get a motorbike for rent at our rental outlets in Ha Giang City and Cao Bang City. Choose from a fleet of more than 270 bikes and many models.

QT Motorbikes and Tours offers well maintained and new bikes which is something you will appreciate along the twisting and steep mountain roads. 

These are some of the most challenging roads one may attempt in Vietnam. Prior experience is highly recommended. For those in need of training and practice before hitting the road we offer it for free. Too little experience? Consider going on a tour!

Note: that although QT has many motorcycles for rent it is always good to book in advance. On weekends and during peak seasons (September to November, mid-March to mid-May) you certainly should reserve the number and models of bike you need.

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Experienced Rider

Honda XR150

650.000 vnd* / Day
300.000 vnd / Optional damage insurance
* US $1 = approx. 23.000 vnd
Intermediate Rider

Yamaha YB

380.000 vnd* / Day
150.000 vnd / Optional damage insurance
* US $1 = approx. 23.000 vnd
Beginner Rider

Yamaha Sirius Semi-automatic, 110cc

200.000 vnd* / Day
100.000 vnd / Optional damage insurance
* US $1 = approx. 23.000 vnd
Beginner Rider

Honda Vision Automatic

200.000 vnd* / Day
100.000 vnd / Optional damage insurance
* US $1 = approx. 23.000 vnd


Included in all rental prices are half- or full-helmets, bungees cords + water proof plastic bags and 24-hour support and assistance. Possibility to rent knee and elbow protective gear @ VND 50,000 for as many days as you are out. Other clothing, including rain coats, gloves, are not available for rent.

You must be at least 18 years old

The renter is required to have valid motorcycle class driver’s license + an International Driving Permit for motorcycle, to drive in Vietnam and to obey the Vietnamese Traffic Regulations. The renter is fully responsible for her/his personal safety and liabilities in terms laws and risks involved regarding the rental. QT Motorbikes and Tours is not responsible for any personal injuries and/or damages/loss to your personal belongings under any circumstances.

We will not check for your license at time of rental assuming as an adult, when renting, you are mature and make your own judgement of risk vs. adventure. Police are not likely to stop you and even if they do they are not likely to check you licence.

Rental is on daily basis only and bikes need to be returned latest by 8 pm on final day of rental. We do not offer hourly or ½ rates. Free mileage. Petrol not included in rental fee. Full payment on first day of rental by cash, Visa or MasterCard [bank charge of Vietnam applies with 2,5%]. We will provide storage for customers’ luggage, airline tickets, and other valuables free of charge, however at customers’ risk.

Every customer will receive orientation to the motorcycle. We recommend rental of a model of bike that is closest to past experience. We will offer free training and practice as needed.

As security deposit we accept valid passport, driver license or national ID

On rental you will sign a contract for your bike. The contract will be for X days. Would you return earlier than contract states we give full refund on condition that the bike has no damages. Would you decide to stay out longer you will notify by email or text message and the extra days will be charged upon rental according to the agreement of the original signed contract.

If having any mechanical problems on the road you have to contact the QT hotline for advice and assistance. Simple things like a puncture, etc can quickly be fixed by the many local mechanical workshops along the way. If there is problem on the way which is serious and prevents you from continuing your trip, you are to pay for the transport cost of the motorbike back to our office, our mechanic will check the bike thoroughly to identify the problem. If the problem is caused by the bike itself (fault in engine, bad maintenance, etc.) QT Motorbikes and Tours will be responsible for all the repair cost and refund for transport of the bike back to the Ha Giang City or Cao Bang City, but will have no other compensation responsibilities; if it is caused by the renter, you are to pay transport and repairs. With the QT optional bike damage insurance faults or damages to the bike and transport back to rental shop is always covered and refunded on return shop


… unless you’re ready to hire a tour, rent a bike or book accommodation with us.
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