How to Tip in Vietnam

WHY MONEY MATTERS – VOL. 1 – To tip or not to tip in Vietnam, that is the question. For many travelers, a recurrent cause of anxiety is when to give gratitude for services through tips, and how much is enough. This may differ from country to country and even within the country, depending on … Read more

blossoming in northern vietnam

50 shades of green: blossoming in northern Vietnam

If you can enjoy some blossoming in northern Vietnam, no doubt it’ll make your landscapes more precious. Because besides stunning mountains, dwindling roads and friendly people with hospitality in their spines, it’s the greenness that will daze you when visiting this region. The forested limestone and granite mountains of Ha Giang and Cao Bang will … Read more

6 Reasons To Go Slowly When Discovering Ha Giang & Cao Bang

Are you planning your trip to North Vietnam, and there’s just too much to do? You might be tempted to hurry and tick off everything as fast as you can. But before you do, let me share with you my 6 reasons to go slowly when discovering Ha Giang & Cao Bang. Classic travelers’ mistake? … Read more

can i do the ha giang loop with an automatic bike

Can I Do The Ha Giang Loop With An Automatic Bike?

If you’re not an experienced biker, the idea of doing the Ha Giang Loop with an automatic bike might be tempting. It’s true: an automatic bike is easier to ride, but is it a proper option for the Ha Giang loop? Let’s find out! So you’ve come all the way to beautiful Ha Giang, Vietnam. … Read more