Motorbikes for rent

Enjoy the fresh air of an early morning in Dong Van, head out on the majestically beautiful Ma Pi Leng pass and listening to each beat of your heart on top of Lung Cu’s flag-tower. Give yourself up to the amazing Ha Giang mountains and their ethnic mix of cultures and traditions on an unforgettable motorbike ride or tour in Ha Giang.

You will never regret the days you will do on the Northern Ha Giang Loop. Trust us, we at QT Motorbikes and Tours know the roads, will recommend you the best places to stop for taking in the landscape and people and where to spend your nights. Many customers of QT have concluded their trip with; “Best thing of our trip to Vietnam, wished we had stayed even longer here in Ha Giang”.

On the Ha Giang loop you will be on roads and in scenery few places on earth can match. So, be tempted and get a motorbike for rent in Ha Giang. Choose from a fleet of more than 100 bikes and many models. QT Motorbikes and Tours offers well maintained and new bikes which is something you will appreciate along the dwindling and steep mountains. Go on your own, with friends, with an English-speaking guide or for those less experienced hop-on behind one of our experienced drivers/guides.

Our aim is to provide you, our customer, with an experience of your life on well-maintained motorbikes and tours that are flexible and adopted to your skills and desires. Note that although QT has many motorcycles for rent it is always good to book in advance. On weekends and during peak seasons (September-November, April) to rent a motorbike in Ha Giang could otherwise be on a bike that was not what you had in mind or simply on no bike at all.

Below you have the motorbikes for rent at QT Motorbikes and Tours. Let us know what you wish to rent or go on tour with highest ranked (TripAdvisor, Google) motorbike rental agency in Ha Giang!!! Do your Ha Giang loop now!!! All bikes have extra luggage racks, but also note that you can store any luggage with us free of charge while you are out on your adventure. As an optional you can also take out a bike damage insurance (VND 100,000 to 300,000/day depending on bike of choice) which will set you free from any claims on damages to the bike during your trip. Included in the rental price is full or half-helmets, straps and plastic bags for your luggage.