Tour Du Lịch Hà Giang

Ha Giang tours 1

At QT we really specialize on Ha Giang province, but when customers ask we do venture out to neighboring provinces too. Most of our customized tours are on motorbikes. but we also do tours by car and minibus. Tours are for those of you who either do not have the experience or travel insurance that covers your own biking experience or for those who wish to have an experienced guide alongside to get the best out of your journey (where you either travel on you own bikes or sit pillion (behind) your driver/guide.

At QT we do not offer the pre-packaged tours you can find on the streets of Hanoi or on some other web-pages trying to sell you the idea that they know Ha Giang. We package each tour to your desire, skills and time available. At QT we travel the roads every week and have the most reliable knowledge of road-condition or which vegetable is in season.

While it is true that the cost per person will be lower the more you are at QT we are very reluctant to bunch people together that have not travelled as a group before. For the best experience, we also try to limit each group to maximum six people, but can make exceptions if we know you are of similar experience and desire of what you wish to acquire from the trip.

When it comes to number of day our view is that there is no limit, but never less than three days. We have customers travelling Ha Giang coming back after 10 days and still stating “we wished we had more days”. When you have more time discovering some of the exciting side-tracks or half-day or day trekking is really recommended.


At QT we offer three types of tours:
1) You rent your own bike(s) and take all the cost of your journey + you rent an accompanying English speaking guide. If you are less than two people you need to rent the bike of the guide too. On this option, you will rent the guide for VND 1,200,000 per day and also take the cost of his food and accommodation.

2) You take an all-inclusive motorbike tour. On this option, you can choose the bike(s) of your liking, and QT will provide an experienced English speaking guide (you can also opt to ride pillion (behind) driver/guide, protective gear (as far as sizes is available) all food, accommodation, petrol, permits and entrance fees and water along the way. For price ask for a quote stating number of days, number of travelers and mode of driving

3) You take an all-inclusive car tour. On this option, QT will provide an experienced English speaking guide and driver, all food, accommodation, petrol, permits and entrance fees and water along the way. For price ask for a quote stating number of days and number of travelers

There are many roads that can be combined to make your loop a memory for life. At QT we know them all!!!


It is highly adviced to make advanced bookings for both tours and rentals. For example, in October and November the buckwheat is flowering and domestic tourist will have booked biked months in advance. If you have not booked in advance and coming on a weekend it is not likely you will find a bike anywhere.


I take advanced booking for up to two years so put yourself in my book. We look forward to hear from you and welcome you all to Ha Giang, the best and most beautiful you will find to discover in Vietnam – not my words, but my friends and customers!!!