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At QT Motorbikes and Tours we believe that the most exciting and scenic tours you can do on a motorbike are in northern Vietnam. Or if you believe the many reviews on Google Map and TripAdvisor for my business customers claim Ha Giang to be “the best of Vietnam” or even “best thing on our whole South-East Asian trip.

AT QT We cater for those of you who are clever enough to take the bus to Hà Giang. Why waste your time? Go the straightest and fastest way to the pearl of motorbike adventures in Vietnam! We always say; nothing less than three days to discover this place. The more time you can allocate, the happier you will be. The road leading north from Ha Giang town is actually call ‘road of happiness’ and once you are on it you will understand why.

We have office, hostel and garage in Hà Giang. It is from this location we offer the adventure of your life. Together with you we are at hand to suggest and advice itineraries that suits you. Make small or big loops around this stunning landscape. We do not believe in pre-packaged Ha Giang tours, We will suggest your loop and journey at arrival, based on your skills and days available to see what QT customers rate their best experience of my truly beautiful Vietnam.

Rent your bike from our fleet of brand new motorbikes and venture out on your own or hop on behind one of our experienced driver/guides. Alternatively, travel along with one of our guides. I do also do guided car tours if you for any reason will not be able to travel on a motorbike. It is always advisable and good to book your bike and tour in advance.

Our aim is to provide you, our customer, with an experience of your life on well-maintained motorbike tour in ha giang vietnam that are flexible and adopted to your skills and desires.

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