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Ha Giang Tour – Ideal Destinations


Ha Giang province northwest highlands, where it focuses a lot of ethnic people living with the tradition that any foreign tourists come here also curious and want to learn. Thanks to the beauty of nature bestowed a few years ago Ha Giang is beginning to flourish with the ha giang tour, discover the beauty of nature.

Ha Giang tour is a form of tourism is the young favorite, saving, has a unique experience that can still explore all the beauty here in a completely new style

Coming to Ha Giang, tourists can not help but discover Dong Van Stone Plateau one of the interesting points in the journey to Ha Giang tour

Ha Giang town lies 132 km along the 4C, Dong Van Plateau is a rugged rocky mountains, majestic scenery with immensely impressive.

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Plateau is located at an average altitude of 1,000 – 1,600m over sea level, on an area spanning 2.356km² 4 districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac. This as an ideal venue chho who want to challenge their own courage and love to explore the hilly terrain. You can use car motorbike rent in ha giang cost 200k / car

After exploring experience Dong Van Plateau, travelers can visit Lung Cu flagpole – where the northernmost of the country, located on the 1,700 m high atop Mount Dragon. Lung Cu flagpole from over, panoramic away visitors can look at the entire landscape as a picture below poetic, do move people.

Visited Ha Giang, to the land of the people of Meo Vac, visitors can not fail to visit the palace of King Cat, located in Sa Phin, Dong Van. This is the unique art architecture built on a hill turtle shell form.

If anyone has seen the film “Pao’s Story”, then surely will known pictures of houses of ethnic Hmong. This is also one of the attractions many tourists. Though he spent more than half a century, but the house was still intact with space mystique between northwestern mountains.

Alternatively guests can take a stroll in the old town of Dong Van, to explore and learn about the lives of people living in the middle of acres where four rocky surface.

Every year in late October many young people with the aim of ha giang tours be immersed in the forest flowers romantic triangle circuit, walking around the streets with roadside flower forest riches are passionate hearts December moreover visitors can participate in the festival is held every year, walking around the fair Ha Giang Dong Van … is always an ideal destination in the northwest of the country.

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